Ray & Gen & The Box of Hope™

The Journey Begins
By Chris Gurnick

    After fifteen hours in the air, Mr. Robert Jones arrived at the Adnan Menderes International Airport, Istanbul’s main airport. As he deplaned, he noticed Debby from San Francisco look at him then run to her husband. She whispered something into his ear. Mr. Jones thought her fear amusing, and smiled. The flight crew and flight attendants apologized to all the passengers as they exited the airplane. Most of the passengers smelled disgusting, as they had either soiled, or thrown-up all over themselves from their close call with death. Mr. Jones was eerily calm and stayed away from the others, barely able to stand their stench. Because of the incident in the air, all passengers were taken to a secure area near their gate to be questioned by airline and security officials.

    Mr. Jones had a schedule to keep and walked in the opposite direction of the interrogation room. As he walked away, a young Turkish soldier wearing green army fatigues and a Kalashnikov automatic rifle pulled Mr. Jones aside to ask him where he “thought” he was going. Mr. Jones’ eyes glowed red. He looked into the young soldier’s eyes and sent a barely noticeable, small electric charge up the young man’s arm. This caused the soldier’s metal rifle to heat up and burn his hand and arm.
“You never saw me. Do you understand?” Jones suggested. The young soldier nodded “yes”, then fell to his knees in pain.

    Jones exited the airport and took a taxi to the nearest hotel. He hadn’t slept for two days. He looked out the windows of the cab and thought, “Thanks to that batty old psychic, Rita, it will be easy to find the twins.” He didn’t like relying on anyone outside of The Society, but it was necessary in this desperate situation. Even though he was capable of remote viewing, his powers were not perfect. They were short-circuited a few years ago while he worked outside his mother’s house on a metal ladder and was hit by lightning. When his powers “went down” he was usually incapacitated for days.

    Because Rita was a blood ancestor of the twins, she had the ability to channel their whereabouts subconsciously. Of course Rita didn’t know that she was related to the twins, or even that she would be capable of finding them. “How easy she had been to manipulate!” Jones thought to himself, reliving the pain that he knew he’d caused her. “Ironic, a psychic that didn’t even know that she could channel huh!” he laughed aloud in the hotel room.
Mr. Jones lay down on his hotel room bed. Before he fell asleep, he scanned Turkey for Rahzam and Cleo. The Society gave Mr. Jones access to all the information about The Box of Hope in their possession. The materials were few because of a man and woman named Gary and Pat Smith, who had joined The Society for the sole purpose of obtaining historical documents about The Box. They ran from the meeting before their initiation and then fled the country with the valuable texts. The Society has been looking for them ever since. Mr. Jones assumed they were dead or that someone was helping them keep their identities hidden, which kept them from being found by The Society’s spies or Mr. Jones’ remote viewing attempts.

    All the information from The Society placed the twins somewhere in the Mediterranean. That is why he used Rita. With her distant blood ties to the twins, her amazing channeling powers and a little electrical persuasion, Jones was able to get their general location from her. He knew that she probably wouldn’t be talented enough to find their exact location. “Poor, poor Rita,” he spoke aloud in his sleep. Not only had Mr. Jones forced Rita to retrieve information directly from her own subconscious, but he also was able to “hone in” on the twin’s aura profiles. That is how he was able to scan and remote view their location from the confines of the airplane. When he gets closer to them, he should be able to almost pinpoint their exact location on a map.

    Mr. Jones never had these powers before his Society initiation. After the blood rites, many people in The Society ended up with strange, unexpected special powers. His were similar to the echolocation which bats use to search the air with sonar to find their next meal. Jones’ powers allowed him to search for people or animals; he could find the general location of anything alive that had an energy pattern. He also had the ability to raise his brain waves and produce small, electrical charges. There were many uses for this special talent. His preferred to use it to inflict pain, interfere with radio or navigational instruments, or scare people. His eyes glowed red when he used any of his special powers.
From the depths of a dream, he figured out that Rahzam and Cleo were near the Turkish city of Ephesus, an hour-long plane ride away. He awoke the next morning, hailed a cab and went back to the airport for his flight to Ephesus. He could barely contain his joy. The plane he was flying in did not experience any problems.
His only real concern now was regarding the twin’s willingness to help him. He didn’t know how much they had been told by the Turkish Society members or their knowledge of their own ancestry. Rahzam and Cleo were first cousins of the Keepers of The Box, Imhotep and Serena. Mr. Jones also knew that while he searched for Rahzam and Cleo another group was searching for The Box of Hope. The group consisted of a Sniggledorfer, (he’d never seen one, but he’d heard of their awesome powers) and another brother and sister pair. He didn’t know their names yet; The Society promised him that information soon.

    As soon as he had their names, he and the twins would be able to find and kill them. With the help of the archives, they’d find The Box of Hope and turn it into The Society. It was rumored among The Society members back home that The Box would deliver them all and put them up front, first in line. The Society would be in control and ready to rule once again. The members were tired of hearing such promises; The Society was supposed to lead Egypt four thousand years ago! Jones was promised a seat of leadership if he found The Box and put a final end to the Keepers. “No problem,” he spoke out loud, “No problem at all.”       

© Copyright, All Rights Reserved. Chris Gurnick