About the Author of The Box of Hope™  - Chris Gurnick

Chris has been blessed to be the mother of two great children, and the wife of an incredible man. She is a Capricorn fitness buff and really enjoys running, spinning, swimming, walking, and hiking. She graduated from Cleveland State University with a BA Liberal Arts undergraduate degree. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and lives in Ohio. She works at a private secondary boarding (military) school in Indiana. www.culver.org   You can email her here.

 Chris’ main areas of thought and focus that she wants to share in her writing revolve around connectedness of mankind (to each other) and mankind to (with) nature. She believes in the strength (and sanctity) of the family and marriage. Chris also yearns for all people to understand the power of thought and intention and that everyone creates their own reality.

 Her inspiration for writing this book came from her two children, Ray & Genevieve. As they both grew and went away to high school and college, the empty nest issue was very difficult for Chris to deal with. SO, she started writing and came up with this cool story wherein, Ray & Gen are the two “saviors” that will restore hope to all man after they’ve found the Box of Hope. Chris’ strong spirituality and love of fantasy and inspirational reading also play a large part in the book(s).

 Ray & Gen spent a combined eight summers at a canoe camp in northern Canada, and the experiences that her children had at that camp also surface in the writing because of the positive, life-changing impact it had on her children’s life and personal development. www.keewaydin.org      

Personal Dogma of a Housewife from Cleveland

You Are NOT:

 A Victim




Born to Fail




Graced with opportunity to learn & improve your body & soul.

Loved by Your Creator (and Chris).

The creator of your own life.

Responsible for every decision, thought and action and they define YOU and the life you choose to live.

Allowed to restart your day anytime you need to do so.

Born with everything you need to have the life of your dreams.

Connected to every man, woman & child.

Connected to the trees, sky and creatures.

© Copyright, All Rights Reserved. Chris Gurnick